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Please review our Terms of Service. There are some important rules we set - so read them now so you don't have any problems later. Violating our terms may result in your account being suspended or terminated.


Try out cPanel

cPanel is the powerful tool you will use to manage and configure your VlexoFree account. You can log in with the username and password you specified while creating your account.


Make Your Site!

Now you're ready, go create your website! Have fun!

We ask that you upload your website within 20 days, otherwise we will suspend your account for being unused.


Remember Ads and/or Links!

All (except Ad-free) VlexoFree members must add a linkback to all pages of their site, and if you use the Expert2000 package, you must also add an advertisement to every page.

We check sites regularly and any sites which fail to add these requirements will be suspended.

See the Wiki, or the link below, for further details and information on how to add our linkbacks and ads.


Stuck? Need a hand?

If you need any help using your VlexoFree services, or need any assistance setting up your website, try looking in our Wiki.

Or, if you're still stuck, drop us a line on the forums where other members and VlexoFree staff will be around to give you a hand.

Comprehensive help for using the cPanel software is also available upon logging into your cPanel account, just click any Help link.